Trex Decks

Built multiple scale model decks for a print ad campaign.


For the 1/12th scale beachfront deck we created a beach in the studio that was then composited with a picture of the background islands.  The deck, beach, palm trees and dock were all produced in miniature while a very fine grade sand was sourced for the beach.


Grand Canyon:

Here we have a deck set in the Grand Canyon.  The rock face was also made in miniature along with the stairs, fireplace and waterfall.  This was then used to help composite it into an actual location shot of the Grand Canyon.


Ocean Cliffs:

This precariously perched deck off the cliff overlooks the crashing ocean.  The deck and cliff face were constructed elements.  Our cliff was then blended into the actual cliff from the loaction shot.  We've heard stories that people have called Trex wanting to have there wedding on that deck.  They ahd to do their best to explain, that's just not possible.  Scale is 1/12th.